Yoku Gambatte Kuremashita!

On August 23, 2022, SOSN recognized seniors and families who endured evictions due to the closure of Sakura Intermediate Care Facility

In a 100% volunteer effort, SOSN members and supporters distributed handmade blankets and cultural entertainment to seniors evicted from the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility one year ago who relocated to Atherton Skilled Nursing Facility in Alhambra.

While many other have been scattered to other locations and face isolation, and with several passing away since their removal from their Boyle Heights homes, SOSN has been working to mitigate the harm done by the evictions.

Laura Bethel, a member of Save Our Seniors Network delivered these words to a large group of seniors, including many already housed at Atherton prior to the closure of Sakura ICF:

“It really does take a village to get anything meaningful accomplished.  We recently experienced this in securing a meeting with California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office.  This came about because of the support SOSN received from numerous city wide, state wide and national organizations that were concerned about the tragedy and challenges our seniors were facing.  We worked with special Assistant Attorney General James Toma.  

In our effort to provide culturally sensitive facility care to the displaced former ICF residents we have successfully provided some former ICF residents a home in Sakura Gardens Assisted Living Facility under the assisted living waiver program.  This means that as long as they are at Sakura Gardens they will be charged no more than what medi-cal and SSI provides.  We invite all other former Sakura ICF residents to apply to the assisted living waiver program and join familiar Sakura Gardens neighbors and former ICF residents on the Boyle campus.  

SOSN thanks the Office of the Attorney General for investigating the community benefit funds that are owed to the community when the conditions of sale are not met.  

We would also like to thank Special Assistant Attorney General James Toma for investigating the causes and conditions that lead to the former Keiro Lincoln Park facility to become the nursing home with the highest number of covid deaths, 114 , in a single facility in the western United  States. 

A special thank you to SAAG Toma for working with Keiro to acknowledge the need for Japanese and Japanese American programs at the residential healthcare facilities where residents displaced by the closure of Sakura ICF are currently residing.

We are continuing to meet with James Toma and will continue to work on behalf of our precious ojiichans and obaachan’s.”

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