Why Vaccines are Less Effective in the Elderly

This is Why Pacifica Companies’ Plan to Mass Evict Seniors from Sakura ICF is Potentially Murderous


The fact that elderly people do not respond well to immunizations has largely been ignored in most discussions of COVID-19 vaccines, despite this being the group in greatest need. Most of the scientific community’s experience with vaccine development for any disease has been focused on vaccinating the relatively young.

Never mind that Pacifica Companies’ efforts to shut down the ONLY Japanese bilingual and bi-cultural Intermediate Care Facility in the U.S. will be a major setback for the cause of equality in healthcare. Specifically, as stated by Los Angeles City 14th District Councilmember, it is nothing short of a “death sentence.”

For example, the Sakura ICF Family Council reports that one resident has been given the monoclonal antibody tests after the two rounds of vaccinations, and has yet to show antibody production to fend off COVID-19. There also exists no data to confirm that the current vaccines will address the now many mutations of the virus that are circulating.

For those that would accuse Save Our Seniors Network of hyperbole with regards to this, issue, consider that Pacifica Companies is proposing the NUMBER ONE cumulative COVID-19 death facility west of the Mississippi as one of the “transfer” sites for the Sakura ICF seniors, where the death count continues to rise, even in the face of a downward COVID-19 curve in the rest of the state. This is the Kei-Ai Los Angeles facility located in Lincoln Park, now with 104 total COVID-19 deaths.

Conversely, the professional staff of Sakura ICF has thus far been able to successfully make that facility a shining example for the entire senior care industry: Sakura ICF has remained 100% COVID-19 free. With the bilingual and bi-cultural services that are provided like NO OTHER facility in the U.S., there is no safer place for the senior residents to be than to remain in their homes.

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