What is a “Family Council?”

Family councils can be an effective way to advocate on behalf of all residents in a facility.

The National Voice for Quality Long-Term Care Fact Sheet on Family Councils and Advocacy During COVID-19

Read this PDF to find out about why families of residents in the former Keiro Nursing and Retirement Homes should immediately consider forming Family Councils at each facility independent of the Pacifica Companies’ ownership.

Family Councils are “a self-led, self-determining group of families and friends of nursing home residents that:

•Works to improve the quality of care and quality of life of the facility’s residents; and
•Provides families with a voice in decision-making that affects them and their loved ones.

Please contact Save Our Seniors with an email to: saveourseniors@progressiveasians.org to be put in touch with other families that are in the process of forming Family Councils for Sakura Gardens, Kei-Ai Los Angeles and Kei-Ai SouthBay.

And be on the lookout for “Know Your Rights” workshops for families held by Save Our Senior so that families and residents can learn of their legal rights.

TO FIND OUT HOW TO JOIN THE FAMILY COUNCIL for the Sakura ICF, send an email to: sakuraICFfamilycouncil@gmail.com

Visit the Sakura ICF Family Council website: http://sakuraicffc.org/

Visit the Sakura ICF Family Council on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sakuraicffc


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