Watch: Replay of CA Assembly Health Committee Hearing on Oversight of Nursing Homes on Oct. 5

Two SOSN members, former Assemblyperson Mariko Yamada and Ruscal Cayangyang took the trip to Sacramento to make public statements to challenge the CA Department of Public Health failure to serve the public interest and call for transparency, accountability and legislative reform (AB 279 and support for AB 1502 in particular). Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi provided testimony and inquiry.  This hearing allowed SOSN and allies to see and hear for themselves who our allies are in the fight for senior care reform in CA as well as to learn more about the individuals and organizations who favor the demise of bilingual/bi-cultural healthcare and services. It was a long hearing, but definitely a recommended watch to see who some of the “major players” are for yourself.

Recall that the CDPH chose to support Pacifica Companies’ plan to close Sakura ICF and jeopardize the health of Japanese American and Japanese seniors during the pandemic. It is of note that acting director of the CDPH Cassie Dunham was a panelist as well as CAHF CEO Craig Cornett spoke, in addition to SOSN friends from CANHR and SEIU. Public statements supportive of reforms were also delivered from a member of the Sakura ICF Family Council Alumni (Francine Imai), the East Bay Gray Panthers, Progressive Asian Network for Action and more. Several SOSN members attempted to join the queue of public statements but were cut off as the meeting went into overtime and was ended. Several of them (as well as Gray Panther members) will submit written statements via the Legislative Portal.

VIDEO REPLAY Assembly Health Committee, Tuesday, October 5th, 2021:

SOSNのメンバーである山田真理子前下院議員とルスカル・カヤンヤン氏の2人がサクラメントまで足を運び、カリフォルニア州公衆衛生局が公共の利益に貢献していないことに異議を唱え、透明性、責任、立法改革(特にAB279とAB1502への支持)を求める公式声明を発表しました。アル・ムラツチ下院議員が証言と質問を行いました。 今回の公聴会では、SOSNとその支援者は、カリフォルニア州の高齢者ケア改革のための闘いにおける私たちの支援者が誰であるかを自分の目で見て聞くことができ、また、バイリンガル/バイカルチュラルなヘルスケアやサービスの廃止を支持する個人や組織についても知ることができました。長くなりましたが、「主要人物」が誰であるかを知るために、ぜひご覧ください。

Please listen to: Attorneys, Karen Valentine, Anthony Chicotel and our SOS members, Mariko and Ruscal and others participated. Mr. Muratsuchi is fighting for us!

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