Lieu Joins SoCal Congressmembers to Demand Investigation of Kei-Ai L.A. COVID-19 Deaths

Rafu Shimpo, 5/2/2023 Residents from the Sawtelle District in West L.A. heard testimony on April 23 from family members and experts about the evictions of seniors at Sakura Intermediate Care Facility and the COVID-19 deaths at Kei-Ai Los Angeles. Both are owned by for-profit resort developers, Pacifica Co., who purchased the former nonprofit Keiro Nursing … Read more

Westside Nursing Home Indictments Spur Calls for Investigation into Kei-Ai L.A.’s 115 COVID Deaths

francine imai at cal care rally

Rafu Shimpo 04/01/2023 Thirteen senior residents and a staff person died of COVID at posh Silverado Beverly nursing home (151 beds) in L.A.’s Melrose District in 2020. Representatives from Save Our Seniors Network, David Monkawa and Francine Imai, at the Reagan State Building on Feb. 11, urging an investigation into Kei-Ai L.A. COVID deaths during … Read more



Formerly Keiro Nursing and Retirement Homes, the iconic Japanese American community resource. We demand answers! “We must be assured that these complaints and these lives are not swept under the rug. This community and these seniors are too precious a resource to just abandon.” – Rep. Judy Chu, Chair, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (D-Pasadena) … Read more

カリフォルニアで最も危険な養護施設 , 敬愛 ロサンゼルスの 調査をせよ。日系社会の象徴的な資源であった旧敬老。我々は解答を要求します!


何故ならこのコミュニティと高齢者は、放棄するにはあまりにも貴重な資源だからです。- ジュディ・チュー下院議員(パサディナ選出) パシフィカ社(旧ケイロ老人ホームを買収した国際的リゾート開発業者)が所有する敬愛L.A.介護施設、「カリフォルニアで最も危険な養護施設」、に対する徹底的な調査を求めるジュディ・チュー、マキシン・ウォーターズ、ジミー・ゴメス下院議員の訴えを支持しましょう。3 The LA Times 3/1/21 敬愛LAは、国際リゾート開発会社であるパシフィカ社が敬老養護施設を買収したことで所有することになりました。コロナ大流行時に行った彼らの業務は危険なパターンを呈し、日経コミュニティーに不釣り合いなインパクトを与えました。 敬愛はパンデミック以降、州内のどの施設よりも死亡者数が多く、なんと115人でした。2020年の同時期に、2,100床を有するカリフォルニア退役軍人局の死亡者数は2人、1,250床のユダヤ人ホームでは3人だったのです。このような衝撃的な格差があるのです。 職員の離職率は99.4%で、カリフォルニア州の平均のほぼ2倍です。33件は苦情が直接の原因です。 2015年から2021年の間に、敬愛は虐待、ネグレクト、または入居者の権利の侵害に関する105件の苦情を受け、その約半数が立証されました。これらの不穏なケア、甘い感染管理、問題のある所有構造の傾向のため、私たちは、Kei Ai、その所有者、およびその基準以下の患者ケアのパターンの見直しを要求するために、この手紙を書きました。 この署名によって、私は、2020年3月~2022年6月までの敬愛LAの感染管理を含む包括的な見直しを求めるこの誓願署名運動に参加します。以下の要領を含め: 現在のcovid-19の急増により、私たちはチュー、ウォーターズ、ゴメス議員を支持します何が起こったのかを明らかにし、他のCOVID災害を防ぐために、即時の介入/行動を求めます。 このQRコードを友達に見せてください。 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Congresswoman Chu Calls for Probe into Kei-Ai COVID Deaths

Judy Chu at Kansha Obon 3

Rep. Judy Chu (D-Pasadena) has called for a multi-level investigation into the COVID-19 deaths at Kei-Ai Los Angeles, owned by Pacifica Companies.

Save Our Seniors Hosts Successful “Kansha Obon 3”

The event at the Japanese American National Museum was held to commemorate the 70 seniors who were evicted during the pandemic, in particular those who did not survive the relocation, and the extremely high number,134, who died from covid-19 at Kei-Ai La and Kei-Ai South Bay. In 2021 the L.A. Times called Kei-Ai LA, “the … Read more

Town Hall Addresses Japanese American Senior Care Following Closure of Sakura ICF


In August 2021, over 80 residents, mostly Japanese American and Japanese women in their 80s and 90s, were evicted from the Pacifica Companies-owned Sakura Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), to make way for high-rental rate apartments and a parking lot. This was the only facility of its kind in the entire U.S. that was providing dedicated … Read more

Kansha Obon 3 to Commemorate Seniors Who Died of COVID at Pacifica Facilities

KO2 - Rafu Shimpo

Rafu Shimpo 10/01/2022 On Saturday, Oct. 8, Save Our Seniors Network will hold “Kansha (Gratitude) Obon 3,” which will commemorate 139 seniors who died of COVID-19 in two Pacifica Co.-owned facilities, Kei-Ai L.A. and Kei-Ai South Bay. The event will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. in the plaza of the Japanese American National … Read more

“Voices of Our Seniors” Kei-Ai Survivor Families and Sakura ICF Senior Relocatees to Share Their Stories on Sept 18

Save Our Seniors Network (SOSN) is sponsoring an event to present a panel of the families who testified to James Toma, California State Special Assistant Attorney General. They will be sharing their experiences at a community meeting on September 18, from 2 pm – 4 pm at Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist Church in Boyle Heights. The … Read more

COVID-19 On Rise Again at Japanese American Senior Homes

Recall that prior to it’s closure by Pacifica Companies, Sakura ICF in Boyle Heights had ZERO positive COVID-19 cases.  Numerous questions raised by SOSN about mishandling of COVID-19 at the Lincoln Heights facility (number one in cumulative COVID-19 deaths of any senior care facility west of the Mississippi) remain UNANSWERED.