State Legislators Announce 2021 Nursing Home PROTECT Act

Watch the replay of the press conference on-line:


Nursing homes have been the most dangerous places to live and work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Why?  Because nursing homes are broken, trapping patients and their families in a system that’s driven solely by profit, not by quality care for those who need it.  Nationally, 75% of nursing homes are operated by for-profit corporations, and due to cost-cutting practices taking precedent over patient care, has led to higher death rates in these facilities. In CA, while residents of senior nursing homes have had 4% of the state’s COVID-19 cases, they have suffered nearly 25% of the deaths.

California lawmakers and a coalition of workers and advocates for the elderly and people with disabilities aim to change that with a sweeping legislative reform package announced on Tuesday, March 23. Please support these bills to protect our seniors throughout California!

This legislative effort is DIRECTLY related to the Save Our Seniors Network efforts to protect our seniors from the violence being directed at them by Pacifica Companies at the Sakura ICF and the Kei-Ai skilled nursing facilities.

Please watch the replay of the March 23 press conference and find out about this important legislative effort to help keep our seniors safe through the pandemic!

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