SOSN Follow-Up Letter to CA Attorney General

On Thursday, March 24, members of Save our Seniors Network along with many representatives from various community organizations met with staff members of the California Attorney General’s office, James Toma and Tania Ibanez. SOSN provided an abbreviated presentation of various grievances citing violations of the original conditions of sale (by both Pacifica Companies and the Keiro non-profit) mandated by the Attorney General’s office at the time of sale. Testimonies were presented by multiple family members of seniors impacted by both the closure of the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility and the mishandling of COVID-19 at Kei-Ai Los Angeles.

Below is the follow-up letter delivered to the Attorney General’s office following the meeting. The Japanese American community has not yet seen any accountability for violations of the original conditions and now waits for a response.

Follow-up with CA AG 1 of 2
Follow-up with CA AG 2 of 2

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