SOS Calls for REJECTION of Pacifica Companies’ Proposal to Endanger Japanese American Seniors

On March 29, Pacifica Companies submitted a “Transition Plan” requesting permission from the California Department of Public Health to mass evict seniors from their 100% COVID-19-free home in the middle of the pandemic.

Here is the SOS letter to Cassie Dunham, Acting Deputy Director of the CDPH:

If one examines this matrix (below), it can be seen that there exist NO viable options to move residents of Sakura ICF to. There are no other facilities where they would receive the level of bilingual and bi-cultural care they need to be kept safe. Also, Sakura ICF, unlike other facilities, has been kept 100% COVID-19 free.

This list of “destination sites” is derived from “Exhibit 1” of Pacifica’s “Transition Plan,” but unlike the one that they submitted to CDPH, the SOS version below shows how none of the sites are acceptable. It is clear that Pacifica wants to send the seniors to their premature deaths so they can more quickly realize the profits of converting Sakura ICF into a high-rent market-rate rental facility and contribute to the acceleration of displacement and gentrification of Boyle Heights.

Whose interests will CDPH serve? The insatiable profiteering appetite of a greedy corporation or the health needs of Japanese American seniors, most of whom are in their 90’s to 100’s?

There are NO viable destination options for Sakura ICF residents

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