Sakura ICF Families No Viable Options

In addition to Pacifica Companies’ “Transition Plan” being, effectively, a “death sentence proposal,” it will represent an attack on bilingual/bi-cultural services and exacerbate gentrification problems in Boyle Heights.

See the spreadsheet:

Simply put, there exists NO OTHER facility like the Sakura Intermediate Care (ICF) anywhere else in the United States. It is part of what made the Keiro Nursing and Retirement homes so special. For as long as they have been able, staff for the facility have been able to carry out the original spirit and intentions of the original Keiro founders to keep the senior residents there safe, and 100% COVID-19 free. While the greed of Pacific Companies and other private entities proceed only on the basis of increasing profit margins, eliminating needed bilingual and bi-cultural will simply make worse the trauma of a forced eviction alone and jeopardize the lives of persons mostly in their 90’s to 100’s.

There are NO viable destination options for Sakura ICF residents

Worse, that they are proposing to do so in the middle of the pandemic is beyond cruel. One of the seniors at the ICF, after having two rounds of vaccinations, has taken a monoclonal anti-body test assessment, showing that she has not developed anti-bodies against COVID-19. This in addition to the fact that no-one knows whether current vaccines will work on the 5 mutations of the virus currently circulating, this confirms the immorality of moving seniors out of a facility that has been kept 100% COVID-19-free up to this point. Forcing them to move at this time will endanger their lives.

The Family Council of the Sakura ICF has been working on gathering data on various facilities. The spreadsheet indicates how there are no viable options for the seniors to move to. This is why SOS and supporters are doing everything we can to keep Sakura ICF open for as long as we can.

Please join us in this work!

Pacifica Companies Greed

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