Pacifica’s Sakura ICF cited for illegally making threats to residents and poor food nutrition

On Wednesday July 7, the CA Department of Public Health issued another citation to Pacifica’s Sakura ICF based on testimony from resident’s family members who were told that, after the move out date of July 20 (the original move out date) only county health department staff will be around for the residents.

The complaints were filed by California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR), a part of the coalition working with Save Our Seniors Network and joint initiators of the Sakura Family Council.

“These comments are clearly intended to strike fear into residents and their families, the implication being that if you do not get out by the clear out date, no one will be here to take care of your loved one,” stated David Monkawa of Save Our Seniors.

In addition to the citation for threatening the seniors and their families, the facility was also issued a citation for poor nutritional food quality.

“The facility is required to submit a plan of correction consistent with the Department’s expectation that residents  will continue to be cared for by facility staff until they leave the facility,” said Mike Dark, of CANHR.

Since Pacifica imposed the evictions many “coincidental” problems have arisen causing discomfort and stress for the seniors and their

  • The water system didn’t function properly for weeks.
  • Japanese food appeared to decline in quality and some seniors lost weight not able to eat.
  • Threats that no staff will be around after the clear out date, and “reminders” to take bed openings at other sites before you lose it.”

Save Our Seniors Network opposes the downgrading of services at the Sakura ICF by Pacifica Companies, and demands that the quality care that has been a hallmark of this special facility be maintained. Pacific Companies must continue to provide support staffing to continue provide proper care for our seniors!

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