Formerly Keiro Nursing and Retirement Homes, the iconic Japanese American community resource. We demand answers!

“We must be assured that these complaints and these lives are not swept under the rug. This community and these seniors are too precious a resource to just abandon.”

– Rep. Judy Chu, Chair, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (D-Pasadena)

Support Congressional Representatives, Judy Chu, Maxine Waters and Jimmy Gomez’s call for a thorough investigation by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) into Kel-Ai LA Skilled Nursing Facility owned by Pacifica Co., international resort developers who bought the former Keiro Nursing homes. The care they provided during the Covid-19 pandemic has set a dangerous pattern that disproportionately impacted the Japanese American community.

Kei-Ai LA had the highest number of deaths,115 (300 beds) of any facility in the state since the pandemic.1 During this same period in 2020, the CA Veterans Administration with 2,100 beds had 2 deaths and the Jewish Homes with 1,250 beds had 3 deaths.4 A shocking disparity.

The data shows substandard care in several areas: high staff turnover – 99.4%. nearly double the CA average.1. In the past three years, the facility has received 37 health citations. 33 were a direct result of complaints.2 Between 2015 and 2021, Kei-Ai LA received 105 complaints of abuse, neglect, or violations of resident rights, with nearly half substantiated. Due to these disturbing trends of poor care, lax infection control and problematic ownership structure we write to request a review of Kei-Ai LA, its owners and its pattern of substandard patient care.

By signing this petition, I am joining in the call for a comprehensive review of Kei-Ai LA’s infection control from March 2020 – June 2022, including:

• Staffing levels, the availability of culturally/linguistically appropriate care.

• Comprehensive interviews with residents, families and staff of Kei-Ai L.A focusing on resident rights, staff training standards and practices, and rates of staff turnover.

With the current covid-19 surge, we support Congressmembers Chu. Waters, and Gomez’s call for immediate intervention/action to expose what happened and to prevent other COVID disasters.

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