COVID-19 Positive Patients Moved into Senior Skilled Nursing Facilities

No other skilled nursing facility in the Western U.S. has a cumulative COVID-19 death rate as high as the Pacifica Companies’-owned Kei-Ai Los Angeles facility in Lincoln Heights.

Many in the Los Angeles community cannot help but wonder, “Does this have anything to do why there has been insufficient oversight and lack of intervention by local and state officials into the ongoing crisis at Kei-Ai Los Angeles in Lincoln Heights?”

Feb. 25, 2021: Multi-denominational memorial for 113 who have lost their lives to COVID-19 at Kei-Ai Los Angeles and Kei-Ai South Bay. Clergy presiding: Rev. William Briones, Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (Little Tokyo), Rev. Allison Mark of Faith United Methodist (Torrance) and Rev. Tom Carey of Church of the Epiphany (Lincoln Heights)

Why did local officials choose to NOT show up a the Save Our Seniors efforts to memorialize lost loved ones at Kei-Ai Los Angeles and Kei-Ai South Bay on February 25, 2021? What authorities will step up to honor the grief of families of residents at the facility now suffering the highest cumulative death rate of any senior nursing facility in California? Who will help slow the death rates and win transparency between the facility management and the families? Why has their been a lack of transparency between the facility operators and the families?

Please help Save Our Seniors find answers to these questions.

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