Community rejects development plans at Sakura Intermediate Care Facility

Albert Serna Jr. April 30, 2021 Boyle Heights In Focus, Health, Seniors 60

Sakura Gardens Campus

For nearly eight years, Ken Nakayama’s mother Tomiko, who is 93, has been living at Sakura Intermedate Care Facility in Boyle Heights along other Japanese and Japanese American elders. It is a unique facility, Nakayama said, that not only cares for its residents but also provides them with a sense of community in a culturally sensitive environment.

Although Sakura ICF has been a safe and trusted place for Japanese elders since its inception in 1977, the future of residents like Tomiko is now uncertain…

…Some activists have also pointed out the construction of market value homes on the Sakura site will see senior residents displaced by higher income families – a feared effect of gentrification.

Even if the transfer may be halted during the pandemic, families of residents at Sakura acknowledge that they have no legal ground to stop Pacifica from eventually developing the housing complex.

Still, in the midst of the battle, Tomiko and Ken Nakayama are holding out hope that something will work in their favor.

“My mom is still at Sakura ICF and I plan to hold out as long as I can,” said Nakayam. “I have to also be looking for other alternate facilities just in case, but I want Pacifica to know that there are many who are willing to ‘stick it out’ until absolutely necessary.”


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