LA Times Column: How did a home built for Japanese American seniors become the state’s deadliest nursing facility?

By FRANK SHYONG, COLUMNIST MARCH 1, 2021 5 AM PT Relieving overtaxed hospitals and their exhausted staff is essential. But this policy has allowed for-profit companies that run many nursing homes to volunteer their residents for the increased viral risk — and profit — that the transfers represent. Patients and doctors say they were never informed or … Read more

Watchdog calls for LA County nursing home crisis plan in light of ‘serious’ deficiencies, gaps

A reform advocate says the county Health Facilities Inspection Division ‘has not been up to the job of overseeing and monitoring nursing homes in L.A.’ Will there need to be an emergency evacuation at the Kei-Ai Los Angeles facility as well? The CA DPH COVID-19 dashboard shows that the death rates continue to rise like … Read more

Rafu Shimpo: Calls Intensify to Preserve ICF

By GWEN MURANAKA, Rafu Senior Editor

Horns blared on Boyle Avenue in front of Sakura Gardens on Tuesday as Save Our Seniors held a caravan rally, 11 days before conditions-of-sale placed upon Pacifica when it acquired the four former Keiro facilities in 2016 are due to expire.

Amid a pandemic, an issue long simmering in the Japanese and Japanese American communities has taken on a sense of greater urgency. In 2016, as a condition imposed by then-State Attorney General Kamala Harris, Pacifica agreed as part of the purchase that they would not substantially change the culturally sensitive living environment at the former Keiro Intermediate Care Facility, as well as two nursing homes and a retirement home, for at least five years.

With those conditions set to expire, Pacifica has presented a proposal to replace ICF and construct a multi-unit family apartment complex and parking garage during a meeting of the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council Planning and Land Use Committee (BHNC PLUC).

AsAmNews: Japanese Am in LA organize to save senior homes By Melissa Young, AsAmNews Intern Japanese Americans in Los Angeles County  are rallying to save a group of senior health care facilities which provide bilingual and culturally sensitive services. The four senior care facilities serving the Los Angeles Japanese community were previously managed by a nonprofit organization named Keiro. Keiro sold the facilities to … Read more