California orders skilled nursing facilities to accept coronavirus patients

As fears escalate about the toll the coronavirus will take on the sick and elderly in nursing homes — who are among the most vulnerable to the deadly virus — California regulators have told skilled nursing facility operators that they must accept patients even if they have the disease.

The order comes amid a fierce debate between healthcare providers. Hospitals are desperate to clear space for an expected wave of COVID-19 patients, so they are discharging as many patients as possible, including nursing home residents.

Many nursing home administrators are equally desperate to keep those residents out until they are proven virus-free, fearing a catastrophic result if the deadly pathogen gains a foothold in their institutions.

SOSN Note: Unfortunately, the Japanese American community is all too aware of this tragedy, with many loved ones being residents at the Kei-Ai Los Angeles nursing facility in Lincoln Heights, with the highest cumulative death totals in the entire state.

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