AB 279 Advances, but Late for ICF Seniors

August 30, 2021 article in laist by Josie Huang: https://laist.com/news/housing-homelessness/ca-legislature-passes-covid-ban-transfers-for-senior-home-residents

The fight of the Sakura ICF seniors and their families to stay in the only bilingual/bi-cultural ICF for Japanese American and Japanese seniors is what inspired the crafting of AB 279.


Unfortunately, Pacifica Companies succeeded in evacuating all of the seniors from the ICF prior to AB 279’s passage into law (still pending, as it is headed to the Governor’s desk soon).

Save Our Seniors Network is continuing its work to support the senior “alumni” of the ICF and other residents and families of the former Keiro Nursing and Retirement Homes. We are advocating continued defense of, and expansion of multilngual and culturally appropriate healthcare services for the Japanese American and Japanese communities as well as others.

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