AB 1400 Advances to Assembly Committee on Health!

AB 1400 will deliver superior healthcare coverage to Californians, providing cradle-to-grave coverage for ALL persons in CA, INCLUDING vision, dental, and hearing and LONG-TERM care!

For Save Our Seniors Network, it is significant that AB 1400 will finance multilingual and culturally-appropriate healthcare and infrastructure investment in under-served communities.  With the loss of Sakura ICF, for example, it will provide various paths to address the Japanese American and Shin-Issei needs for appropriate bilingual/bi-cultural healthcare services for our seniors, including facility construction and expanded home care options.

Watch the January 6 press conference in Sacramento:

Employers will be relieved of the 9.7% they are having to pay for employee healthcare plans.  Bankruptcy due to medical costs will become a thing of the past.  With no premiums, deductibles and co-pays, the current massive consumer/taxpayer capital expenditures can be re-directed back into patient care and total annual costs for each person will be reduced.

Most importantly, AB 1400 will address the larger public health interests by covering ALL Californians: 3.2 million of whom do not have health insurance (including 1.3 million undocumented frontline workers).  Other proposals such as “a public option” (already failed in the state of Washington) do not address the issue of millions being uninsured.  In the context of the ongoing pandemic, this is an especially important issue.

Opposition from private insurers and drug companies will be fierce, as much of the current out-of-pocket monies from citizens go into political lobbying of politicians.  The fact is that most financial analysis shows that AB 1400 will be more cost-effective than the current multi-payer bureacracy, which wastes billions on administrative costs nationally:  $228-280 BILLION.


AB 1400 benefits

Please help advance AB 1400 now by taking less than two minutes to send a letter to your Assemblymember. We are pushing for an Assembly floor vote before the end of this month (January 2022): https://bit.ly/calcareletter2asm

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