A Big THANK YOU to All Supporters

On March 20, 2021, hundreds of Japanese Americans community members, clergy, politicians and supporters from all walks of life came together to honor 118 that have fallen to COVID-19 at the hands of Pacifica Companies’ greed.

Speakers spoke to the need to gain strength from one another to stand up to all forms of violence against Asian people and take action to defend the lives of our most vulnerable still living.

* Nikkei Progressives * Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress * Little Tokyo Historical Society

* JACL – Pacific Southwest District * Greater Los Angeles JACL * San Fernando JACL

* Gardena Pioneer Project * Progressive Asian Network for Action

* Chinatown Community for Equitable Development * Japanese American Bar Association

* Sansei Legacy * Manzanar Spirit Run * Azuma and Gardena Bowl Restaurants

* Twin Cities JACL * National Asian AmericanPacific Islander Mental Health Association

* Mile High JACL * Japanese American Resource Center of Colorado * East L.A. Taiko

* Centro Community Service Organization * J-Town Action and Solidarity

* Nikkeijin Kai of Colorado * Healthcare for All – Los Angeles * OCA – Greater Los Angeles

* George Abe * Shih-Wei Wu * Scott Nagatani

Save Our Seniors Network Kei-Ai Memorial
Pre-procession and procession before the program began at Hashimoto Plaza

Rafu Shimpo coverage of the March 20 memorial: https://www.rafu.com/2021/03/memorial-procession-winds-through-little-tokyo/

Please take action to stop evictions at the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility
Support the passage of AB 279:


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