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Save Our Seniors Network (SOSN) is an all-volunteer network of individuals and organizations working to secure the continuation of bilingual and bi-cultural care services for seniors residing at the facilities formerly known as Keiro Nursing and Retirement Homes, a Japanese American institution for nearly 50 years.

To this day, due to inequalities in the United States public healthcare system, no other facilities exist that provide the same level of care as these facilities. Because of this context, the lives of the remaining residents are now endangered by the profit objectives of the international corporate developer owners, Pacifica Companies, who seeks to degrade and eliminate the services our seniors need.

Please join us in this grassroots effort to win equality in public health.

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BREAKING NEWS (Oct, 7): Governor Gavin Newsom Vetoes AB 279 Shunning Overwhelming Bipartisan Support in the CA Legislature and Appeals from Japanese Americans

Using the same language of the private-operator-controlled CA Department of Health that was unsuccessful in fooling CA legislators, in his veto of AB 279, Governor Gavin Newsom dismissed the public discourse and democratic process that delivered AB 279 to his desk. He also chose to ignore the many letters of support for AB 279 delivered directly to his office (under the “Legislative Action” section of this website, see some of the letters that were sent, urging him to sign AB 279 into law).

Here is a quick recap of the bipartisan Legislative votes overridden by Newsom (in addition to support for AB 279 from the State Attorney General’s office):

11-2 vote Assembly Committee on Health (April 14)
12-4 vote Assembly Appropriations (April 28, after a previous 11-2 amendment vote April 14)
58-1 vote Assembly Floor (May 13)
10-0 vote in Senate Committee on Health (June 24)
6-0 vote Senate Appropriations (July 15)
32-3 Senate Floor vote victory (August 23)

It is important to remember the wide public support for AB 279. SOSN will be issuing an initial analysis of and response to the Governor’s veto and will be assessing next steps. Note that this was the ONLY bill among the “Protect Plan” senior nursing facility reform bills that was vetoed, and to SOSN’s knowledge, the only one openly opposed by CAHF and the CDPH entity that they control.

The misrepresentaton of AB 279 in Newsom’s veto letter is virtually the same argument that the CDPH used when they attempted to stall the bill during the legislative process while Pacifica Companies was completing mass evictions at Sakura ICF – an act that had been approved by CDPH earlier (against the advice of 10 licensed physicians and with the knowledge that no alternative transfer facilities existed). Newsom is 100% complicit with Pacifica Companies’ and CDPH’s attack on the Japanese American community.

Newsom capitulates to CDPH/CAHF falsehoods: https://saveourseniors.network/newsom-capitulates-to-falsehoods-in-veto-of-ab-279/

RAFU SHIMPO COVERAGE OF THE VETO HERE: https://rafu.com/2021/10/newsom-vetoes-bill-that-sought-to-block-nursing-home-evictions-during-pandemic/

Please check back here at the Save Our Seniors Network website soon for more information!

Newsom Veto of AB 279

Watch: Replay of CA Assembly Health Committee Hearing on Oversight of Nursing Homes on Oct. 5

Two SOSN members, former Assemblyperson Mariko Yamada and Ruscal Cayangyang took the trip to Sacramento to make public statements to challenge the CA Department of Public Health failure to serve the public interest and call for transparency, accountability and legislative reform (AB 279 and support for AB 1502 in particular). This hearing allowed SOSN and allies to see and hear for themselves who some of the “main players” are in the fight for senior care reform in CA as well as to learn more about the individuals and organizations who favor the demise of bilingual/bi-cultural healthcare and services for the sake of private profit.

It was a long hearing, but a recommended watch and at times, very engaging!

Mariko Yamada

VIDEO REPLAY Assembly Health Committee, Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Recall that the CDPH chose to support Pacifica Companies’ plan to close Sakura ICF and jeopardize the health of Japanese American and Japanese seniors during the pandemic. It is of note that acting director of the CDPH Cassie Dunham was a panelist as well as CAHF CEO Craig Cornett spoke, in addition to SOSN friends from CANHR and SEIU. Public statements supportive of reforms were also delivered from a member of the Sakura ICF Family Council Alumni (Francine Imai), the East Bay Gray Panthers, Progressive Asian Network for Action and more. Several SOSN members attempted to join the queue of public statements but were cut off as the meeting went into overtime and was ended. Several of them (as well as Gray Panther members) will submit written statements via the Legislative Portal.

VIDEO REPLAY Assembly Health Committee, Tuesday, October 5th, 2021: https://www.assembly.ca.gov/media/assembly-health-committee-20211005/video

Also, see a brief recap by CalMatters.org here: https://calmatters.org/health/2021/10/nursing-homes-oversight-california-hearing/

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Sunday, October 17, 3PM
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Governor Signs Five of Six “Protect Plan” Bills, but NOT AB 279

In addition to AB 279, there are more bills of importance pending Governor Newsom action or their passive passage into law. These bill were put together as part of the PROTECT ACT.

For the first time in over a decade, the legislature has passed multiple major nursing home reform bills and Governor Newsom is weighing whether to sign them.  Please help support better nursing home care by writing to the governor and urging him to sign, in addition to AB 279: SB 650, AB 849, AB 323, AB 749, AB 1042 and AB 1502!

SB 650 (Stern), the Corporate Transparency in Elder Care Act, is co-sponsored by California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, SEIU, and AARP and would require nursing homes to account for public funds that corporate chains are increasingly diverting from resident care through shadowy side transactions with related parties. October 4, 2021 update: Governor Newsom has signed SB 650 into law.

Click here for a sample SB 650 support letter.

AB 849 (Gómez-Reyes), will restore Health and Safety Code Section 1430(b) to provide statutory damages to victims of resident rights violations for each violation they have suffered.  A 2020 state Supreme Court decision capped the damages to $500 regardless of the number or severity of the violations.  A restored Section 1430(b) is residents’ only hope for receiving justice and ensuring compliance with the rules meant to protect their safety and dignity.  AB 849 is sponsored by the California Attorney General. October 4, 2021 update: Governor Newsom has signed AB 849 into law.

AB 323 (Kalra): Provides an inflationary boost to nursing home citation penalties and updates criteria for AA Citations (those that cause the death of a resident) from the “direct proximate cause of death” standard to the clearer “substantial factor” test. October 4, 2021 update: Governor Newsom has signed AB 323 into law.

AB 749 (Nazarian): Requires nursing home medical directors to be certified by the American Board of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine. October 6, 2021 update: Governor Newsom has signed A 749 into law.

AB 1042 (Jones-Sawyer): Establishes shared liability for entities that share ownership or control of nursing homes. Related parties will be liable for unpaid state monetary penalties for citations and unpaid quality assurance fees. October 4, 2021 update: Governor Newsom has signed AB 1042 into law.

Please submit your statements encouraging the Governor to sign these bills into law, making sure to select the appropriate bill in the “pull-down” menu next to “Please choose your subject” at: https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/

Or, email your letters as attachment to: Leg.Unit@gov.ca.gov

Support the Evicted ICF Seniors!

“We call upon the Ash Israni family to recognize the inhumanity of evicting 80, 90 and 100-year old Japanese and Japanese American elders from their home and eliminating neighborhood jobs — trading people “We call upon the Ash Israni family to recognize the inhumanity of evicting 80, 90 and 100-year old Japanese and Japanese American elders from their home and eliminating neighborhood jobs — trading people for profit.

Improve the quality of life of this Sakura community.

Keep Sakura ICF open and guarantee remaining and future ICF residents a secure home at Sakura Gardens Assisted Living where both private-pay and Medi-Cal-eligible elders will not again be forced out”

Support AB 1400 for Healthcare Equality:

The CalCare Act

Save Our Seniors Network has endorsed the effort to win Assembly Bill AB 1400 which seeks to not only deliver healthcare to ALL Californians, but for the first time, it is a major healthcare reform bill that addresses INEQUALITY in the healthcare system, including our fight to secure bilingual and bi-cultural healthcare to the Japanese American community. Learn more about this important legislation HERE: https://saveourseniors.network/support-ab-1400-california-guaranteed-health-care-for-all-act-calcare/

SIGN THE PETITION TO SUPPORT AB 1400: https://act.medicare4all.org/signup/cna-calcare/

Japanese American Seniors and the U.S. Healthcare Crisis



“Places like the International Institute on Boyle Avenue, a cornerstone for the immigrant community has been protected from a demolition for new office spaces, Otomisan the only remaining Japanese Restaurant from the 1950’s, but other like Sakura Gardens (formerly the Jewish Home of the Aged), The Max Factor House, Five Points Ware Memorial and many others, like your historic home are still in need of protection.

Boyle Heights Community Partners relies on contributions from friends like you to protect the places in our community where history happened. Please make a donation now to help protect our important laces that reveal our diverse cultural history and uplift the stories that represent the community of Boyle Heights.

Historic places remind us of the people and events that brought us together and made us who we are, they bring character and storytelling to our community and they serve as important milestones in our evolving history. But we can’t save them without your help.”

SOS Logo with text

Pacifica Companies’ Claim of “Losing Money” to Justify Sakura ICF Closure Exposed

Article by David Monkawa, SOS Network Co-chair published in AsAmNews!

Pacifica claims it is evicting the seniors and closing the Sakura ICF in Los Angeles because they’re “losing money”. This is dishonest and hides the full picture.

When Keiro sold the four facilities to Pacifica in 2015 they were required to submit a “Written Notice to the CA Attorney General for the Proposed Sale of Keiro Nursing Homes, Volume 1 and 2.” These docs contained financial disclosures which showed the ICF had been “losing money” for 4 out of 5 years from 2010 (-$5,000) to 2014 (-$23,000). Pacifica had to “swallow” the “distressed” ICF and South Bay Keiro as part of a “package deal”. Pacifica execs signed off and knew before purchase that the ICF “does not generate net operating income”. These are public docs available to anyone.

Read the article here and support AsAmNews: https://asamnews.com/2021/05/29/pacifica-plans-big-day-by-closing-sakura-icf/

Pacifica False Claim

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12 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION with SOS Network!”

  1. May 5, 2021

    Re: Forthcoming Assembly Vote on AB 279, on May 6, 2021

    FYI, I contacted the following Assemblymembers’ Sacramento offices today, urging them vote Aye on AB 279.

    Total of 12 members’s offices contacted. 11 Democrat; 1 Republican.

    In the emails, I included the link to S.O.S. Network’s Facts Sheet, and the link to the full text of AB 279.

    Arambula, Joaquin – via email letter to Karen Jones.

    Daly, Tom – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Cooper, Jim – via email letter to staffer Daniel Washington.

    Frazier, Jim – no message because voicemail box was full; and email address on his website is only for his district’s constituents.

    Gray, Adam – via live-person phone call with staffer Angie (she said she’d received 10 other calls on AB 279 earlier today).

    Medina, Jose – via email letter to staffer Omar Hashemyan.

    Petrie-Norris, Cottie – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Ramos, James C. – via email letter to staffer Gavin White.

    Rendon, Anthony – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Rubio, Blanca E. – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Salas, Jr., Rudy – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Voepel, Randy (Republican) – via email letter to staffer Lily Movsisyan.

    Weber, Akila – via live-person phone call with staffer.

  2. Thank you so very much for all your efforts on this pressing matter. For our elders and their loves ones at Sakura ICF and SNF — indeed for all elders at ICF’s and SNF’s throughout California — here’s to victory! [May 5, 2021]

  3. Congratulations on AB 279’s passage to the state Senate! To all at SOS Network who’ve worked so very hard on this for many months, KUDOS!! 5/13/21, 1:30 p.m.

  4. Will there be sample letters which we may use to send to our CA state senators? We are recruiting relatives and friends throughout California to write letters, so some sample letters would be very helpful.

    • We will be posting a sample letter soon. Excellent that you are getting relatives and friends on standby alert mode! Our first task will be to win the support of the CA Senate Committe on Health.

  5. Kudos for all your voluntarism for a good cause. I’m researching senior advocacy. I was able to locate video segments of your past protests, but would appreciate a easier way to see them and gain access. It is a very interesting and difficult endeavor.

  6. Congratulations, SOS Leadership, for the overwhelming victory in the Senate Health Committee today. May the remaining Living Treasures at Sakura ICF benefit from this victory. It is a fight against time.

  7. Thank you for letting me know what exactly going on about seniosr society in this town. Just think without them that we are not this stage. Though I am cheers and respect your movement.


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