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Families of the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) and the Japanese American community won a partial victory in the Assembly Health Committee on Tuesday, April 13, winning a decisive, majority vote to advance AB 279 to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Congratulations and thank you to the 30 organizations that submitted support letters to the Health Committee and to all of the many individuals that did the same. On April 13, compassion and justice won!

However, as good as this news is, our work is far from over. Pacifica continues to attempt to coerce residents to move out of Sakura ICF, even though it is dangerous for the health of all residents to do so, and even though there exist NO VIABLE options for them to move to.

Stay tuned, as SOS Network plans the next steps for advancing this important bill to protect our Seniors and fight displacement in Boyle Heights.

Listen to the audio playback of the AB 279 hearing on the SOS YouTube Channel or click the play button on the “video images” below:

Meanwhile, we are awaiting the results of the decision on dangerous Pacifica’s “Mass Relocation” plan from the California Department of Public Health.

Check back here for updates! RSVP to saveourseniors@progressiveasians.org to get information about how to join the next SOS Network general meeting! If you are a family member of Sakura ICF, join the Family Council: sakuraicffc.org

Stop Mass Evictions at Sakura ICF!
Defend Bilingual and Bi-cultural Healthcare!
Stand with the Families!

Families, Community and Allies Unite to Pressure Governmental Bodies to Take Effective Action to Save Our Seniors.

Emails call for rejection of Pacifica’s “Transition Plan” by the CDPH. Support letters for AB 279 uploaded to the Assembly Health Committee

Sakura ICF Family Council members at March 20 Memorial in Little Tokyo
Members of Sakura ICF Family Council at March 20 Memorial in Little Tokyo

Email an RSVP to saveourseniors@progressiveasians.org to receive information about how to join our next General Meeting at 3PM Sunday, April 18 to find out how you can help with the next steps in this campaign to save our seniors, support the families, defend bilingual and bi-cultural healthcare, and work to fight displacement in Boyle Heights.

April 12:
Deadline for CA Department of Public Health to Decide Upon Pacifica’s Deadly “Mass Relocation” Plan

April 13:
In the afternoon, the CA Assembly Health Committee will vote on whether or not to advance AB 279 to the Appropriations Committee.

California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR)(sponsor; Hilda L. Solis, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors; AARPAdvocacy, Inc.; Asian Americans Advancing Justice –Los Angeles; California Alliance for Retired Americans; California Association of Long Term Care Medicine; California Association of Public Authorities for IHSS; California Health Advocates; California Long-Term Care Ombudsman Association; California Office of The State Long-Term Care Ombudsman; California Retired Teachers Association; Chinatown Community for Equitable Development; Consumer Federaton of California; Essential Caregivers Association; Florin Japanese American Citizens League -Sacramento Valley; Gray Panthers of San Francisco; Health Care for All –Los Angeles Chapter; Japanese American Bar Association; Japanese American Citizens League, Twin Cities Chapter; Keiro Pacifica Community Advisory Board; Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy; National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter; National Health Law Program; Nikkei Progressives; ProgressiveAsian Network for Action; Sakura ICF Family Council; Save our Seniors Network; SEIU California; The Geriatric Circle; Numerous individuals
Opposition: California Association of Health Facilities; LeadingAge California

SOS is also working to acquire serious answers from Los Angeles County Authorities about life and death questions from the Kei-Ai Los Angeles Skilled Nursing Facility. Kei-Ai LA continues to be the WORST cumulative COVID-19 death count senior care facility west of the Mississippi. The death count continues to rise more than one person per week, in the face of a COVID-19 downward curve, statewide.

State Legislators Announce 2021 Nursing Home PROTECT Act:

Watch the Replay of the Press Conference: CLICK HERE

JOIN SOS in our all-volunteer effort to help save our seniors & support the families!

We have three teams that are ready to welcome any level of help they can get, big or small:

Legislative / Legal / Research Team: Building Support for AB 279, working with elected officials to address issues with COVID-19 mismanagement by Pacifica Companies, securing legal advice and consultation for the families and research work….

Press and Social Media Team: Getting the word out to the press about new developments, promoting existing press coverage, sharing stories pertaining to this cause, taking photos and videos of events and people, sharing and posting things to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other outlets, writing articles and conducting interviews, etc.

DIRECT ACTION Team: Hitting the ground with bold public actions so people know what is going on with this fight, distributing educational materials to organizations and at public venues to help let people know how they can support the effort….

Other things you can do: Talk to friends and family, share posts from our website and posts on social media. Recruit ANY families you know into the Family Councils. Share videos from the SOS YouTube Channel or posts from the SOS Insragram account! Join our the SOS email list to be kept up-to-date on what is going on with our work.

SOS meetings occur regularly, our General Meetings are usually at 3PM on Sundays. Please email an RSVP if you are interested in join this important effort to: saveourseniors@progressiveasians.org

Contact your CA State legislators to support AB279! Stop evictions of seniors during the pandemic!

Find your reps here:


“Existing law requires the State Department of Public Health to license, inspect, and regulate intermediate care facilities (ICF) and skilled nursing facilities (SNF). Existing law generally requires an ICF or SNF to comply with certain procedures and disclosures when transferring ownership or management of the facility, as specified. Existing law imposes criminal penalties on a person who violates the requirements imposed on these facilities.

This bill would prohibit the owner of an ICF or SNF from ceasing to deliver or making significant changes to the nature of residential care services, or from transferring a resident to another facility, during any declared state of emergency relating to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), except if the owner files for bankruptcy. The bill would require, upon termination of the same type of state of emergency, the owner of an ICF or SNF to issue a 6-month advance notice of any proposed sale or termination of the licensed operation of the facility to each resident before the sale or termination goes into effect. The bill would also prohibit during the same type of state of emergency, any changes in all conditions for the sale of assets imposed by the Attorney General, except if the owner of an ICF or SNF files for bankruptcy. By expanding the requirements and prohibitions imposed on a licensee of ICF or SNF, the failure to comply with would be a crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program. The bill would repeal these provisions on January 1, 2026.”

Photo (pictured from left, with age, birthplace, generation): Michi Sakatani, 102, Kukui Haele, Hawaii, Kibei/Nisei; Yasuko Hattori, 101, Osaka, Shin Issei; Pauline Sakata, 100, Bowles, CA, Nisei; Jack Kunitomi, 100, Los Angeles, Nisei; Shigeko Kishimoto, Gardena, Kibei/Nisei; Kiyono Shigetomi, 108, Hiroshima, Issei. (Photo by Yumi Yuge)

Support the elders and their families!

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