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Save Our Seniors will be setting up an AB 279 floor vote letter-signing table on July 24 Saturday, 4-6pm.
Table will be at the Japanese Village Plaza 2nd Street entrance.

LT 2nd Street at Crosswalk
SOS Table Banner
Come visit the SOS Network table in Little Tokyo, Saturday, July 24 from 4-6PM!

12 noon July 21: The Current State of Visitation Rights in Long Term Care Facilities

On July 21 at 12:00 PM, SOS Network’s friends and allies, California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) hosted a town hall for California residents of long term care facilities, their families, and their friends, to discuss the state of resident visitation rights.   Here is the video replay of the event:

NEXT SOS Network General Meeting:

Sunday, July 25, 3PM
Sign-up for the SOS Network email list via the “optin” form on the right sidebar of this website for General Meeting Zoom login notifications or email an RSVP to saveourseniors@progressiveasians.org

Dance for our seniors!

* * * Saturday, August 7, 2021 * * *

Practice some obon dances with videos here:

August 7 - Kansha Obon 2
Click on the image for link to download the flyer
Kansha Obon II Little Tokyo
Aug 7 Kansha Obon 2 Japanese half sheet


July 15 Update: Senate Standing Committee on Appropriations Votes 6-0 to Advance AB 279!

Win the Senate Floor Vote on AB 279!

With leadership from Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi and California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) member, Mike Dark, the grassroots lobby effort secured another victory for AB 279 today with another decisive bipartisan “AYE” vote in support of AB 279!

210715-Assemblymember Al Muratsuch - Senate Appropriations Hearing
Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi addressing the Senate Standing Committee on Appropriations for AB 279
210715-Rucal Cayangyang-Senate Appropriations
Ruscal Cayangyang representing SOS Network in the Appropriations Hearing room, providing support testimony for AB 279

Please visit this page for more information on how to help win the Senate vote on AB 279:

Pacifica’s Sakura ICF cited for illegally making threats to residents and poor food nutrition

On Wednesday July 7, the CA Department of Public Health issued another citation to Pacifica’s Sakura ICF based on testimony from resident’s family members who were told that, after the move out date of July 20 (the original move out date) only county health department staff will be around for the residents.

The complaints were filed by California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR), a part of the coalition working with Save Our Seniors Network and joint initiators of the Sakura Family Council.

“These comments are clearly intended to strike fear into residents and their families, the implication being that if you do not get out by the clear out date, no one will be here to take care of your loved one,” stated David Monkawa of Save Our Seniors.

In addition to the citation for threatening the seniors and their families, the facility was also issued a citation for poor nutritional food quality.

 “The facility is required to submit a plan of correction consistent with the Department’s expectation that residents  will continue to be cared for by facility staff until they leave the facility,” said Mike Dark, of CANHR.

Since Pacifica imposed the evictions many “coincidental” problems have arisen causing discomfort and stress for the seniors and their families.

• The water system didn’t function properly for weeks.

• Japanese food appeared to decline in quality and some seniors lost weight not able to eat.

• Threats that no staff will be around after the clear out date, and “reminders” to take bed openings at other sites before you lose it.”

Save Our Seniors Network opposes the downgrading of services at the Sakura ICF by Pacifica Companies, and demands that the quality care that has been a hallmark of this special facility be maintained. Pacific Companies must continue to provide support staffing to continue provide proper care for our seniors!

SOS Logo with text

Save Our Seniors Network asks for support of AB 279 bill to stop the evictions at Sakura ICF senior home in Boyle Heights

Hundreds of supporters signed letters in Little Tokyo on Saturday July 3 and in Torrance on July 4!

Wide support for the seniors at Sakura ICF showed itself this 4th of July weekend, as letters were signed by residents of San Francisco, Monterey, San Luis Obipso, San Diego “and other places in between.”

Standby for announcement of our next letter-signing tabling effort, to occur in Orange County on Sunday, July 18! Please check back here regularly!

After sailing through the Senate Health Committee with a 10 to zero vote, AB 279 is now in the Senate Appropriations Committee undergoing review. The cost to the state for this bill is NEGLIGIBLE, and therefore, should be advanced to the Senate Floor.

In the event that the bill is not voted on by July 15, the day before the legislature goes into recess, the public can continue to lobby the legislators in August when the legislature reconvenes.

For a Word document of sample AB 279 SUPPORT LETTER template, CLICK HERE

AB279 Letter Signing in Little Tokyo
AB 279 letters being signed in Little Tokyo
Nijiya Market in Torrance
SOS Volunteers at work in Torrance, CA

Addressing a statewide crisis of improper discharges of seniors during the pandemic, AB 279 prohibits intermediate care and skilled nursing facilities, except in the case of bankruptcy, from transferring, terminating, or significantly changing residential care services during the emergency period. On June 23, a 10-0 bipartisan vote in the Senate Committee on Health confirmed the urgency and necessity of this legislation’s advance. We anticipate the bill will be facing a Senate Floor vote in the days ahead.

Sponsored by Assemblymembers Al Muratsuchi and Miguel Santiago, AB 279 is the legislation to stop evictions from and downgrading of services at CA senior care facilities during the still ongoing pandemic.

For a PDF of a sample AB 279 SUPPORT LETTER template, CLICK HERE

For a Word document of sample AB 279 SUPPORT LETTER template, CLICK HERE

For more information email: saveourseniors@progressiveasians.org 


(It has now been determined that) “Pacifica failed to ensure the resident’s attending physician complete the medical assessment prior to issuing the 60 Day Notices of Transfer that were sent by certified mail around May 19, 2021 to Sakura ICF families.  These assessments must include an assessment of the resident’s susceptibility to adverse health consequences, including psycho-social effects, recommendations for counseling, follow-up visits, other recommended services, by designated health professionals, and for preventing or ameliorating potential adverse consequences in the event of a transfer.  On June 15, 2021, Sakura ICF Administrator, Beverly Ito announced new 60 Day Notices must be reissued and the original July 20th planned closure date must be extended to mid-August.” According to communication from the CDPH, the date would be approximately August 23, subject to change, but no earlier.

Per California Code, Health and Safety Code – HSC § 1336.2 (excerpt):

(a) Before residents are transferred due to any change in the status of the license or operation of a facility, including a facility closure or voluntary or involuntary termination of a facility’s Medi-Cal or Medicare certification, the facility shall take reasonable steps to transfer affected residents safely and minimize possible transfer trauma by, at a minimum, doing all of the following:

(1) Be responsible for ensuring that the resident’s attending physician or the facility medical director, if the resident does not have an attending physician, completes the medical assessment of the resident’s condition and susceptibility to adverse health consequences, including psychosocial effects, prior to written notice of transfer being given to the resident.  The assessment shall not be considered complete unless it provides, in accordance with these assessments, recommendations for counseling, followup visits, and other recommended services, by designated health professionals, and for preventing or ameliorating potential adverse health consequences in the event of transfer.

I addition, CDPH has stated that this means there will be no further staff layoffs from Sakura ICF prior to the effective date of the end of the official 60-day notification period.

This is good news for the families of the residents, buying them all more time to fight the evictions and Pacifica’s attempts to endanger the seniors!

Pacifica Companies’ Claim of “Losing Money” to Justify Sakura ICF Closure Exposed

Article by David Monkawa, SOS Network Co-chair published in AsAmNews!

Pacifica claims it is evicting the seniors and closing the Sakura ICF in Los Angeles because they’re “losing money”. This is dishonest and hides the full picture.

When Keiro sold the four facilities to Pacifica in 2015 they were required to submit a “Written Notice to the CA Attorney General for the Proposed Sale of Keiro Nursing Homes, Volume 1 and 2.” These docs contained financial disclosures which showed the ICF had been “losing money” for 4 out of 5 years from 2010 (-$5,000) to 2014 (-$23,000). Pacifica had to “swallow” the “distressed” ICF and South Bay Keiro as part of a “package deal”. Pacifica execs signed off and knew before purchase that the ICF “does not generate net operating income”. These are public docs available to anyone.

Read the article here and support AsAmNews: https://asamnews.com/2021/05/29/pacifica-plans-big-day-by-closing-sakura-icf/

Pacifica False Claim

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11 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION with SOS Network!”

  1. May 5, 2021

    Re: Forthcoming Assembly Vote on AB 279, on May 6, 2021

    FYI, I contacted the following Assemblymembers’ Sacramento offices today, urging them vote Aye on AB 279.

    Total of 12 members’s offices contacted. 11 Democrat; 1 Republican.

    In the emails, I included the link to S.O.S. Network’s Facts Sheet, and the link to the full text of AB 279.

    Arambula, Joaquin – via email letter to Karen Jones.

    Daly, Tom – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Cooper, Jim – via email letter to staffer Daniel Washington.

    Frazier, Jim – no message because voicemail box was full; and email address on his website is only for his district’s constituents.

    Gray, Adam – via live-person phone call with staffer Angie (she said she’d received 10 other calls on AB 279 earlier today).

    Medina, Jose – via email letter to staffer Omar Hashemyan.

    Petrie-Norris, Cottie – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Ramos, James C. – via email letter to staffer Gavin White.

    Rendon, Anthony – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Rubio, Blanca E. – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Salas, Jr., Rudy – via live-person phone call with staffer.

    Voepel, Randy (Republican) – via email letter to staffer Lily Movsisyan.

    Weber, Akila – via live-person phone call with staffer.

  2. Thank you so very much for all your efforts on this pressing matter. For our elders and their loves ones at Sakura ICF and SNF — indeed for all elders at ICF’s and SNF’s throughout California — here’s to victory! [May 5, 2021]

  3. Congratulations on AB 279’s passage to the state Senate! To all at SOS Network who’ve worked so very hard on this for many months, KUDOS!! 5/13/21, 1:30 p.m.

  4. Will there be sample letters which we may use to send to our CA state senators? We are recruiting relatives and friends throughout California to write letters, so some sample letters would be very helpful.

    • We will be posting a sample letter soon. Excellent that you are getting relatives and friends on standby alert mode! Our first task will be to win the support of the CA Senate Committe on Health.

  5. Kudos for all your voluntarism for a good cause. I’m researching senior advocacy. I was able to locate video segments of your past protests, but would appreciate a easier way to see them and gain access. It is a very interesting and difficult endeavor.

  6. Congratulations, SOS Leadership, for the overwhelming victory in the Senate Health Committee today. May the remaining Living Treasures at Sakura ICF benefit from this victory. It is a fight against time.


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